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We believe that there are eight (8) primary reasons why your Community Association should choose our company: 

Loyalty Management Group

1. People

We are in a resident service business and the quality of the resident experience is 100% dependent on the quality of our services. The Loyalty Management Group team is made up of highly qualified individuals focused on providing excellent customer service to our clients. 

2. Owner Operated

We are a woman owned and operated Management Company with over two decades of accounting and property management experience. We have all the necessary resources and expertise to meet your community needs.

3. Business

We are a company built on trust, transparency, and total dedication to our clients. Loyalty Management Group continues adapt and improve its services to meet the requirements of the ever changing industry. 

4. Motto

We do not manage an extraordinary number of communities, just a number of extraordinary ones.

5. Technology

Loyalty Management Group embraces technology to help enhance and improve our services. We developed and continue developing a proprietary software that started 15 years ago. It was created especially for Property Management to be able to provide a transparent management experience as well as to handle complex day-to-day task. We include this software as part of our service at no additional cost. Our web-based system allows each community to have its own portal site which contains pertinent Association information such as meeting minutes, association documents, work orders, financials, and more. This is accessible to all owners.

6. Customer Service

We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. Our friendly staff will work with your community to address all concerns and answer questions in a timely fashion. Our customer satisfaction is important to us.

7. Financial Services

Accurate, timely, and reliable financial information is necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of your property. Our professional accounting staff has the expertise necessary to handle your accountings needs. Our accounting software allows for real time reporting, provides precise and detailed information to the Board of Directors and owners, accessible 24/7.

8. Reporting

We understand that timely and relevant information is critical for Associations to operate successfully. Loyalty Management Group believes communication is key! On a monthly basis, each of our Associations receive a comprehensive packet that includes financial and property management reports. This provides the Board with useful information that reflects the properties current status.

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Loyalty Management Group offers both residential and commercial property management, financial, and accounting services.